Jamie McKay & Ryan McElrath MTV’s 16 And Pregnant Chaotic Duo

For some strange reason reality TV show participants of late just can’t seem to stay on the right side of the law.

Case in point two members of the “16 & Preggo” show who’ve found themselves at the short end of the long arm of the law.

17 year old Jamie McKay who starred on the show was arrested in January of 2011 for assault regarding a confrontation with a fellow female classmate.

She reportedly punched the girl twice in the back of her head. The case was later dismissed according to court records.

Her boyfriend however chalked up 3 arrests in 2010 alone. Ryan McElrath, 18 got arrested for both cocaine and marijuana possession, underage drinking and finally, assault on a female and resisting police officers. McElrath states that the accusations are unfounded and false.

Earlier this year several other reality show stars got arrested for fighting and more. Many caught on video which in one case was found out to have been instigated for the purpose of cashing in on the fame.

Is it that reality TV brings more attention to these people to the point their every move is monitored or is it that they’re just the kind of people that would get tangled up in crime regardless?

Perhaps a new reality TV show featuring people who are on reality TV shows who just can’t stay out of trouble is in the works.

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