James Franco Muse SNL


James Franco Muse SNL – James Franco hosted SNL/”Saturday Night Live” this weekend and did his utmost best to make us laugh.Here is a recap of the last episode of the decade.Opening – Lawrence Welk Show : As usual Kristen Wiig was superb in the hilarious “Lawrence Welk” segment where she played tiny-armed “Judy” dancing in a Christmas episode of the variety show.
Monologue – Career choices for 2010 : Franco focused on his new acting job on “General Hospital”,seriously mocked himself and made us laugh like crazy.

What up with THAT?? (Mike Tyson, Jack McBreyer) : A very surprisingly funny skit with an appearance by Mike Tyson. The boxer stole the spotlight from Franco as he appeared on Kenan Thompson’s crazy show “What’s Up With That?”.
The family that makes out a lot : We have seen this sketch over a hundred times and despite the fact that it was bit disgusting ,it remained very amusing.
SNL Digital Short – Tizzle Wizzle Show : Another excellent skit.
Manuel Ortiz Show : One of our favorite skits of the evening.
Muse Performs : A very decent performance.
Weekend Update (Snookie & The Situation, Garth & Kath) : Seth had all the elements for a good laughter,which included “Jersey Shore” character Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi her “pouf” hairstyle and The Situation who has abs backward.
Sigma Alpha Omega who cannot read nor do math : Franco teamed up with Andy Samberg to play idiotic frat boys hazing a new pledge and asking him questions like : “Where do babies come from?!” and “What happens to the little people on TV?”.
Vincent Price Christmas Special : Franco played James Dean alongside Fred Armisen in a strange yet funny sketch where Kristin Wiig as Katherine Hepburn got rabies after she was bitten by an errant raccoon.
James Franco has sex with trees : In the skit Franco extended his love to Christmas trees named Beth.
Muse performs : They did a good job.
Gifts for Office Staff : The perfect Holiday skit where the chaos ensued so much laughter.
Mark Wahlberg Talks to Christmas Animals : We have seen this one before but honestly it never gets old.
Franco’s performance as host was amazing but he was unable to save SNL’s rocky 2009 season.

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