Jake Pavelka The Bachelor

jake the bachelor

Jake Pavelka The Bachelor – Last night it was the premiere of ABC’s “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” where Jake Pavelka has the difficult task of making out with twenty five women in hopes of finding a wife.Here is what occurred on the first episode.

After being introduced to all the ladies,Jake gets to spend few intimate minutes with each woman in what they call “alone time”.One of the highlight of the show was when Elizabeth asked Jake to play football which lead to an impromptu football game blondes vs. brunettes in their dresses.Jillian and Ed appeared in this episode in order to help Jake make a better decision.After all was said and done Jake gives the first impression rose to Tenley who kissed him during their alone time.Ella, Elizabeth , Ali, Vienna, Christina, Gia, Ashley E, Rozlyn, Jessie, Corrie, Valisha, Ashleigh H, Kathryn and Michelle all got roses and the remaining ladies got the boot.Tune in next week for more dramas,more tears,more kissing and a huge sex scandal.What are your thoughts on the episode?
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