Jake And Vienna Interview after Bachelor Split

Jake And Vienna Interview after Bachelor Split – Jake and Vienna ABC Bachelorette Interview aired this evening and boy was it heated.
The former couple who is always looking for the media’s attention and a way to make a quick buck appeared on the show to talk about why they split, who caused the separation and why they just can’t stop feuding and insulting each other.
Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi also spoke about why the story was sold to a tabloid and the emotional abuse that took place during the relationship.
The boxing match was hosted by Chris Harrison and this is what the exes said.

On what went wrong between the former lovers:

Jake: “The relationship was going downhill but I wasn’t ready to quit fighting.”
Vienna: “The first month together was great. He was crazy about me. From there it went straight downhill. It felt like a relationship when cameras were rolling or we were out on a red carpet, but when we were at home [it was] lonely. I just wanted him to be around me and talk to me and kiss me like a normal relationship.”

Vienna Girardi on the reasons she sold her interview to the tabloids:
Vienna: “Either way, our relationship had been public. The world was going to want to know what happened . . . I hadn’t had a voice this entire time.”
ake: “I’m so mad at you. I’m disgusted with you.”
Vienna: “You are a fame whore is what you are.”
The duo explaining who called it off and gives us the biggest joke of the night:

Vienna: “I called you and broke up with you over the phone.”
Jake: “She’s like a tabloid. You get 40 percent of the truth.”

The brawl ended with a bang:
Vienna: “I am sorry that I went about it the way I did. But I know you, and I knew you would have [sold your story to a tabloid] if I didn’t.”

Jake: “You don’t know me and I wouldn’t have done it . . .”
Vienna: [Interjects] Jake: [Shouts] “Please stop interrupting me!”
Vienna: [Storms out, crying] “He is the biggest liar I’ve ever met in my life!”
Jake: “Unfortunately, that’s what one of our arguments looks like.”

It was a nasty fight to watch between two people who supposedly loved each-other once upon a time.
But I guess for the right amount of money individuals will put their dignities aside and insult each-other on national TV.
Who is lying?Who is telling the truth is this drama?

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