It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6 Episode 5: Mac and Charlie: White Trash S06E05

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 6 episode 5 called “Mac and Charlie: White Trash” Randall Einhorn Luvh Rakhe aired last night on FX.

This week the gang delivered another solid and extremely funny episode that was built around the fact that the group had no class after they were denied entry to a prestigious country club pool.

Instead of trying to become classy people Mac and Charlie try to fix up an abandoned pool where their childhood friend Jaime Nelson drowned in order to beat the Philadelphia heat wave.

But Dennis and Dee who were once part of the high class tried to beat the heat in a more ‘dignified’ and ‘upper-class’ way, by trying to get in the same luxurious club-and just like their pals,they were turned down.
Most people would find it insulting to be labeled “white trash”,but the gang took the offensive term and turned into a giant joke -these guys can indeed portray social deterioration under a silly light while tossing their empty beer cans on the sidewalk.

Each week this series takes on serious topics like gay marriage and the economic crisis while displaying some of the most bizarre behavior ever witnessed on TV- no wonder they are one of the most critically acclaimed shows on the air.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 6 episode 5.

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