Is Scrubs Over? Scrubs Series Finale?

Is Scrubs Over? Scrubs Series Finale?

Is Scrubs Over? Scrubs Series Finale? – Scrubs Series Finale/Is Scrubs Over are the headlines on the internet this evening.”My Finale” is the title of the season finale for season 8 of ABC’s comedy Scrubs that aired tonight.Here is what happened:

The episode starts by showing J.D. in bed next to Elliot in the morning as he thinks back to his first day at Sacred Heart. Then he wonders if he can get some morning sex before leaving for work, and is rejected by Elliot. The two drink mouthwash, kiss, and he convinces her to have sex.
It then skips to Carla, Ted, and Dr. Kelso talking about Kelso leaving. Kelso decides he needs a memento and decides to take a table.
J.D. then arrives at Sacred Heart with Elliot and sees Turk with a giant piece of cloth reading “Goodbye J.D” in front of the main entrance. The two proceed to hug before Turk gives J.D. a “full-turbo spinning eagle”. Turk lands on the pads he has set out, but J.D. crashes into an ambulance before falling onto them.
Turk and J.D. then realize that Turk said goodbye to early and Turk decides that every time he sees J.D. he will give him a big hug. J.D. then approaches Dr. Cox and gives him a book of all the names he (Cox) has called him (J.D.). The book has a rating system from 1-5: “1, being something J.D. can easily shrug off, and 5 being something that makes J.D. want to cut himself”. Cox opens up the book and uses the glossary to insult J.D.

Scrubs’ producers are trying to renew the series but nothing is sure at the moment.

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