Ines Sainz Opens Up – Today Video

Ines Sainz Opens Up – Today Video – Ines Sainz has been very open about the incident that occurred in the New York Jets locker room on a number of morning shows. She was subjected to harassment when she entered the locker room, but has said that at no time did she feel threatened. She also revealed that she was not the one who made the harassment charge, and was planning on moving on from the incident without bringing the problem to the NFL.

She added that as soon as she entered the locker room, she heard a number of players make comments about her, but decided to not pay any attention to what they were saying. She was waiting to interview the quarterback, Mark Sanchez, and a colleague of hers came up to her to apologize for the comments that were made, inviting her to leave if she wanted to.

She said that she has endured similar reactions in the locker rooms of other teams before, but said during one interview that the “vocabulary was never so rude.” She said that she believed that all of the jokes were made without being malicious, and that the players just used a poor choice of vocabulary. She said that she doesn’t intend on taking the incident any further, and will trust whatever decision is made by the NFL and the team on the matter. It will be interesting to see if any players are fined as a result of the incident. So far no players have been named specifically.

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