In Plain Sight Season 3 With Mary McCormack

In Plain Sight Season 3 With Mary McCormack – The premiere of Plain Sight has people excited. Here is a sneak peak of the premiere. Mary was just recently released from the hospital after a bullet hit her. Most people thought she would need time to recover but instead she is going straight back to work. She feels that the one who shot her has already started his life again with crime so she should start back her life regardless of what happened. A lot of people are backing her up and feel that she is making the right choice when some others don’t agree and problems could come up as a result of this.

Do you think that Mary started working too early or that she should have waited before going back? Maybe she needed therapy to recover from what happened because that was very tragic and the blow she took could be life changing for her if she doesn’t have a positive outlook in life. Only time will tell if she should have waited or if she made the right choice with going back to work so soon. A lot of fans are very excited and can not wait for the new season to begin, which is very soon.

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