iCarly Miranda Cosgrove On CBS The Good Wife

iCarly Miranda Cosgrove On CBS The Good Wife – Miranda Cosgrove, the star of “iCarly,” will be playing a number of controversial parts as she attempts to break away from the image that her Nickelodeon team has crafted for her, and transition into more adult roles. Who would have guessed that in her upcoming role on “The Good Wife” she would be pulled over and would receive a DUI charge? Fortunately for her, it is just on screen and she will not be receiving a real-life DUI charge like former teen stars.

At 17 years old, she is entering a stage of her career where she must transform her image and start taking roles that are out of her character. Not every Nick alumni is able to do so smoothly.

In her new appearance on CBS’ “The Good Wife,” she must hire Alicia as her lawyer after she received a DUI. Executives for the TV series said that they were big fans of her work on iCarly, and thought that she would be able to tackle the complex role.

“We were thrilled when she agreed to do it. It’ll be fun to see her handle both the comedy and drama in the role,” said Robert King, a producer for “The Good Wife.”

Miranda will attempt to follow Miley Cyrus, who has successfully made the move from the small screen to the big screen. Now she just has to decide if she wants to pursue a singing career like many other child stars do.

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