I Got A Hot Room Icarly:iCarly Season 4 Episode 1 Watch Online S04E01

I Got A Hot Room Icarly:iCarly Season 4 Episode 1 Watch Online S04E01 – iCarly season 4 episode 1 called “iGot a Hot Room” which was written by Dan Schneider aired this evening on Nickelodeon.

After a brief vacation the whole cast of iCarly is back with a season premiere full of surprises and gifts for the viewers.

The installment focused on Carly’s (played by Miranda Cosgrove) bedroom which we have never seen before.

Here is the recap of the episode:

Spencer tries to give Carly the best birthday ever. He lets Gibby’s grandfather cut his hair and he makes Carly a gummy bear lamp. Everything thing goes bad after a gummy bear lamp Spencer made catches Carly’s room on fire. Spencer then finds out that his relative’s watch that Carly had was destroyed and was worth $82,000. Spencer convinces Carly to get a part-time job at the Groovy Smoothie while he, Freddie, Sam, and a working crew put together an amazing new room to Carly’s surprise.

It was a nice episode where we finally saw Carly’s colorful and crazy bedroom. Schneider explained the reason why we never saw the room before by saying: “It was not by design. We just never needed it.”

What are thoughts on the bedroom and on the episode? Do you want your room to look like that?
Wasn’t Carly’s brother Spencer just the nicest sibling ever in this episode? Are you happy to have your favorite show back?

That’s all we have for now on I Got A Hot Room Icarly.

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