Human Target Season 2 Pushed Back: 2010 Premiere DELAYED

Human Target Season 2 Pushed Back: 2010 Premiere DELAYED – In “Human Target”’s first episode of season 2, “Isla Pucci,” we are treated to the resolution of a number of story lines that were left open at the end of last year. Fans will be happy to see that the season starts off very strong.

We pick up just two days after Winston’s abduction in the finale of the first season, and we find that Chance and Guerrero are already working on a plan to rescue him. It is nice to see that they jumped right into the cliffhanger from last season, and did not force fans to endure a few episodes of other story lines before tackling the big question that they left last season.

Over the course of the summer they added Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery to the cast. Varma plays Isla Pucci, who is a wealthy widow that goes to lengths to ensure Chance is hired because she is scared for her life.

It is too early to get a good idea of where the show is heading, but the action packed season premiere should be enough to keep fans interested in the series. Chi McBride does a great job in the first episode. The chemistry between all of the characters is as good as it has ever been as they deal with the abduction crisis that we were left with at the end of last season. In the heartfelt premiere it is clear that the show is setting itself up for even bigger things in the second season.

By the way FOX has decided not to air this episode tonight -they have pushed it for Friday October 1 to Wednesday November 17 at 8pm.
The Network is doing some soul searching after cancelling Lone Star and moving up Lie to Me.

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