Huge ABC Family:Nikki Blonsky Huge TV Show

Huge ABC Family:Nikki Blonsky Huge TV Show – Huge created by Sasha Paley and written by Winnie Holzman & Savannah Dooley in which stars Nikki Blonsky premiered on ABC Family last night.
We’ve seen several “overweight” reality TV shows introduced throughout the last few years. The most promising and successful of them all was undoubtedly, “The Biggest Loser.” However ABC has taken a different approach to the somewhat controversial subject. Perhaps they wanted to raise the bar higher than your typical ABC Family Series. “Huge” managed to captivate viewers for over an hour introducing a new style of writing with performance based television. Huge brings the attitude and the belief that “fat acceptance” is possible, it can happen and most importantly it will happen. ABC accomplished gripping viewers of their full attention. Huge seemed easy to connect with, relate to and it was simple enough to appreciate. While “The Biggest Loser” never took a stance that being overweight or obese was accepted in society, rather they encouraged all the contestants to stop eating, start exercising and shed the weight as quickly as possible.

Nikki Blonsky from “Hairspray” that played Willamina or Willa, a teen that was sent by her parents to attend a summer weight-loss camp is a powerful star on the show.She hates the instructors, doesn’t what to burn calories and ultimately she starts craving her chocolate and sweets right when arrives. Willamina was sarcastic, funny but determined to prove her family wrong when she is constantly reminded that she is nothing but a loser, an overweight child. The very people she knows best in the world, the people she confided in have abandoned her. Carrying around this kind of anger fuels the empty feeling from the show. While Nikki only played this character on television, she has struggled with weight her entire life.

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