How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 2: Watch Cleaning House Online S06E02

How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 2: Watch Cleaning House Online S06E02 – How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 2 called “Cleaning House” which was written by Stephen Lloyd and directed by Pamela Fryman aired this evening on CBS with Wayne Brady returning as Barney’s brother, James.
“How I Met Your Mother” has been involved in speculation throughout the season. Many are wondering if Ted will finally meet his future wife on the next episode of the show. Many fans have speculated that he had already met her, but the producers recently leaked the fact that he had not yet met her, and will be meeting her in an upcoming episode.

Ted will reportedly meet her at a wedding where he will be the best man. We have been treated to several sneak peak clips that show Ted at a wedding, leading some fans to speculate that the wedding was actually Ted’s. This theory seems to be out the window as it has been confirmed that he is only the best man at the wedding. This has led fans to wonder what wedding he is at. Could it be Robin and Barney’s wedding? Or perhaps it is another couple that we are not aware of yet?

They have done a great job of building the suspense on this one, but some have wondered if they did not kill the surprise of the relationship by noting that she would be his future wife. It would have been much more interesting if they had just let him meet her, and let the audience watch the relationship develop. Now that we know they will get married at some point that may take all of the fun out of the season. It will be interesting to see who she is, and to see how they meet one another.
As for tonight we only got to see Barney go crazy as he helped his brother James find his biological father Sam.
The episode was pretty funny with Barney doing some wild things to convince an African American that he was his dad.
The installment ended a sweet way with Barney realizing that Loretta was the best father that she could asked for.
Here are few are few lines from the episode:
“I hit 6’4” in the fifth grade and then I just stopped!”
“Santa is one of those lies that’s for our own benefit.”
“Like when we tell Ted he’ll meet the right girl and settle down,”
“I always find that reassuring,”
“if this picture was taken in North Dakota, then why is our old swingset in the background?”
“I don’t know! I did my best as a single parent and it wasn’t always easy and I’d recommend putting the cole slaw right on the sloppy joes because it’s delicious!”
“He’s also quite the detective,”
“Valentines — the second base of third grade.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 2.

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