How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 12: False Positive S06E12

How I Met Your Mother season 6 episode 12 called “False Positive” which was written by Craig Gerard & Matthew Zinman and directed by Pamela Fryman aired last night on CBS.

“False Positive” was a classic How I Met Your Mother installment that was full with twists and turns in order to provide us with some very funny moments.

In this week’s episode we learned that Marshall and Lily were finally pregnant (only to discover that they were not with child as yet – but they are working on it) and by sharing the big happy news with the rest of the gang – it pushed them to take a serious look at their lives,their failures and their futures.

But as stated above -when Marshall and Lily came back to report that it was a false alarm – their buddies went back to their crazy ways only to have a very angry and disappointed Ted put everybody back on track.

By the end of the episode Barney stopped being a fool and relieving “Oprah’s favorite things” and actually donated to a charity.
Robin realized that she wanted to be a real reporter so she turned down the chance to be a coin rotation specialist working with Alex Trebek for a more serious job at Worldwide News.
Marshall and Lily concluded that were ready to parents so they got undressed and got to work.

Here is a brief recap of the episode:

After hearing startling news, everyone must reflect on their lives. Robin becomes newly employed and Ted must do a few things because he is Punchy’s Best Man. Meanwhile, Barney tries to get into the Christmas spirit.

Overall it was a great episode of How I Met Your Mother with intelligently humorous scenes, a well written script.
Many thanks to Ted who definitely stole the show Monday night by standing up to his pals and actually pushing them forward.
It will be interesting to see where the characters go from here.

Here are few hilarious lines from the episode:
“You know I laugh with my whole body.”
“Oh no, that Charity is doing Peachy. You’ll see a pic in next week’s e-mail.”
“Aside from that coin, this is the other thing that’s flipping right now. What is my lid … for you!”
“You cut a hole in the floor, she reaches into the living room, finds the tree, ohhh holy night …”
“0, do you take 1 to be your lawfully wedding wife? Uh … I’m freaking out … why did I ask Ted to be my best man?!”
“I also said I’d never make out with a garbageman. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
“I should make a Christmas-themed snack for the movie tomorrow night,”

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