House Season Finale 2010:Watch Season 6 Episode 21 Help Me Online S06E21

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House Season Finale 2010:Watch Season 6 Episode 21 Help Me Online S06E21 – House season finale/House season 6 episode 21 called “Help Me” which was directed by Greg Yaitanes and written by Peter Blake, Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner aired last night on FOX.
It was a movie-like episode that had more drama than we bare but it all ended a very sweet way.
Here is what occurred :

When a crane collapses in Trenton,House and Cuddy are called in to help the wounded.
House who found Hanna a lady whose leg was trapped in the remains of the parking garage,he ended up identifying with the patient and helped make the decision to amputated but sadly she dies due to fat embolism.The woman’s death pushed House over the edge so he tries to stuff himself with drugs but is saved by Cuddy and the two share a kiss.
Here is the recap of the episode:

House gives Cuddy and Lucas a book written by Cuddy’s grandfather as a present and Cuddy eventually reveals to House that she and Lucas are engaged.The team is called to help with the search and rescue when a crane collapses. The crane operator, who claims he fell asleep while driving the crane, is taken to Princeton-Plainsboro for treatment by House’s team when House determines he should not have fallen asleep due to the amount of caffeine in his system at the time. Meanwhile, at the collapse site, a woman’s leg is pinned by a huge pile of debris. Originally, House suggests that she wait for the rescue team to remove the debris to avoid amputating her leg, but when the cavity collapses more, Cuddy convinces him to change his mind and he amputates the leg. The woman develops a fat embolism as a complication of the amputation and dies on the way to the hospital. House is despondent because he did everything right and still failed to save her, so he goes home to take Vicodin (hidden in a cavity behind a bathroom mirror). Cuddy stops him right before he takes the pills. When House asks what she is doing there, she says that she has broken off her relationship with Lucas and that she is stuck because all she can think about is House. Cuddy says she loves House and they kiss. The episode ends with a close-up of House and Cuddy’s hands with fingers intertwined.

Overall it was a very exiting episode but the ending scene will be discussed much for the next few months before House Season 7 graces our television screens.
Was he hallucinating or not?
We say it was real,what say you?
But it was the drugs talking does that mean that the writers will bring back the House that did anything he could to escape clinic hours and popped too many vicodin next season?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on House season 6 episode 21.

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