House Season 7 Episode 3: Watch Unwritten Online S07E03

House Season 7 Episode 3: Watch Unwritten Online S07E03 – House season 7 episode 3 called “Unwritten” which was directed by Greg Yaitanes and written by John C. Kelley aired last night on FOX.

In the third episode of the seventh season of “House,” we get to see House solve another medical mystery (who would have guessed.) Alice played by Amy Irving is the author of a popular children’s book series, but starts to experience seizures moments before she was planning on attempting to take her own life. Of course, through a series of events, she ends up being the patient of Dr. House.

Now, she must deal with the underlying medical conditions that she has not been aware of, as well as the fact that she has been depressed. She is still in an unstable psychological state, and House is having a hard time diagnosing her problems.
House becomes convinced that he can find the answer to the riddle in her most recent novel, because he is a fan of her books. Meanwhile, House takes Cuddy on a date along with Wilson and his girlfriend, Sam. While on the date he makes a discovery that could change the way that he treats his author patient back at the hospital.

It should have made an interesting episode with a familiar plotline- but it turned out to be very silly and crazy.
As it turned out Alice’s real name is Helen, and discovered that she had a son named Jack who died in the car accident which is the real reason behind all her medical problems.
This is definitely not the best episode we have seen from this series -you have the impression the installment was just a cheap excuses to ride Twilight and Harry Potter cravy train that has been kicking butts in the box office.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on House season 7 episode 3.

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