House Season 7 Episode 2: Watch Selfish Online S07E02

House Season 7 Episode 2: Watch Selfish Online S07E02 – House season 7 episode 2 called “Selfish” aired this evening on FOX. The new episode of “House”, which is the second episode of the 7th season, allowed us to get another look at just how selfish House can be. During the episode we got to see him let the cat out of the bag regarding his relationship with Cuddy.

Also, in Selfish we discovered the case of the week-Della a young girl who collapses while she is at a skateboarding competition. Her family hopes to find a donor while they are also dealing with her brother Hugo, who had muscular dystrophy and will not live very long due to the terminal illness.
Hugo selflessly insisted on giving Della his lung in order to save his sister’s life.

House, who has been sent to the clinic, once again, has to deal with an elderly man who is 102 and his son that just do not seem to want to listen to the crazy doctor. The son pushed for House to order his dad to go to a nursing home-but as it turned out the old man was fine,he simply had denture cream poisoning- so they were advised to go to couples’ counseling.

During the installment it looked like House and Cuddy were having trouble taking their romantic relationship to the next level while they act professionally in the work place- but it worked out nicely.

What do you think the new developments in the relationship will be? Will they be able to remain professional at work while carrying on a relationship as time goes by? It will be interesting to see what direction the show takes from here on out, especially regarding the romantic interests.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on House season 7 episode 2.

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