House Season 6

House Season 6

House Season 6 – House M.D. season 6 will premiere on 21 September 2009 on Fox.For the fans out there,here is a major spoiler/preview of the upcoming season.Michael Weston will be back on the show and he takes on the role of private eye Lucas Douglas.Entertainment Weekly has the scoop:

Weston will appear in an episode that goes into production this week. Perhaps the PI becomes a patient? Or maybe House is finally getting down to the business of solving Kutner’s “murder”? I’m spitballing here people.
Weston’s return will no doubt trigger fresh speculation about the Lucas-centered spinoff that Shore and fellow exec producer Katie Jacobs had been toying with. The project never got off the ground, but Shore was quick to note that the decision not to move forward “had nothing to do with” Weston.

What are your thoughts on this spoiler?

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