House The Down Low Season 6 Episode 11 Preview


House Season 6 Episode 11 Preview – House Season 6 episode 11 “The Down Low” will air on Monday Jan. 11 on FOX.The episode will have Ethan Embry (“Brotherhood”) and Nick Chinlund (“Desperate Housewives”) as guest-stars.Here is the plot of the episode along with few pictures that contain some spoilers.

When drug dealer Mickey (guest star Embry) mysteriously collapses while negotiating a sale, his partner-in-crime, Eddie (guest star Chinlund), accompanies him to Princeton Plainsboro for treatment. But with a major deal pending, Mickey is not forthcoming with the necessary personal information the team needs to treat him. As Mickey’s condition worsens, the team resorts to old-fashioned detective work to solve the case. Meanwhile, House and Wilson compete for the affection of a new neighbor, and Chase, Thirteen and Taub attempt to play a practical joke on Foreman

That’s all we have for now on House Season 6 Episode 11.

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