High Stakes Poker Season 6 Episode 9

High Stakes Poker Season 6 Episode 9 – Poker on television has been doing increasingly well. One of the best productions, High Stakes Poker is on its sixth season and episode 9 was just aired on TV. However, it is finally the players last episode together. The intensity was high, and close to every pot was raised and re-raised and additional time before the flop. Since the time that the players had together was closing to an end, everyone was trying to beat each other and come out on top. It was a pleasant surprise for all the HSP viewers that saw the event, there were some incredible lines and some really ridiculous and risky bluffs that unfolded.

Phil Lvey ended his day with over $120,000 in profit and then shortly after headed to the Bobby’s room which opened up a position for Phil “The Unabomber” Laak to get in on the action. Surely $120,000 of profit for Phil Lvey was enough to call it a day.
We didn’t see Laak do much even with his presence in the game though, he barely had any chips at all before the final credits began to roll. It was hard for him to compete with all of the action that was taking place on the table. Things were too quickly paced and it turned into a show about who could collect the most cash the quickest, just as it should be.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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