Heroes Season 3 Spoilers

Heroes Season 3 Spoilers

Heroes Season 3 Spoilers – NBC’s hit series “Heroes” season three called ‘Villains’ will have a two-hour episode premiere, on Monday, September 22, 2008.But if you can not wait here are some real spoilers of the first episode from the third season of “Heroes”:

– The shooter of Nathan Petrelli from last season was revealed – Peter Petrelli from the future.- Nathan is revived… and has a vision from God. Believing he’s an angel on God’s mission, he is set up to be some sort of religious zealot in subsequent episodes.
– Sylar corners Claire in her house. Despite hitting Sylar over the head and stabbing him, she’s caught. In a scene that drew gasps and revulsion from the audience, we see Sylar probing her brain as she twitches on a table. Claire, who is conscious, asks, “Are you going to eat it?” Sylar responds, “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.” He then steals her invulnerability, then puts her skull cap with the hair back on her head (to more groans). I think someone in the audience got sick after seeing the scene.
– Suresh develops a serum to give humans powers and injects himself, thus giving him super strength.
– Hiro takes over his father’s company and discovers a secret formula in his father’s safe… which is promptly stolen by a new speedster character. When Hiro travels to the future to see the results, he sees his future self confronting Ando over the formula… then Ando shocking him with a red bolt of electricity.
– HRG is shown in a prison cell while Nikki is shown as the mistress of a Governor.
– Parkman discovers Peter shot his brother, but Peter then zaps him into a far away desert.

Seems interesting,we will have to wait and see.

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