Heroes Season 2 Recap:Heroes Season 2 Summary

Heroes Season 2 Recap:Heroes Season 2 Summary

Heroes Season 2 Recap:Heroes Season 2 Summary – Heroes Season 2 summary is below.Don’t forget Heroes Season 3 will premiere tonight on NBC.
Kaito Nakamura

Targeted for death by Adam Monroe, Kaito Nakamura was killed while waiting with Ando for Hiro to return from the past. He fell from the roof of the Deveaux building with an unknown assailant. When Hiro returned he tried to save him. Kaito taught Hiro one final lesson. Though they may have extraordinary abilities, they are not gods. Hiro watched while his father died and found out who killed Kaito. It was Adam Monroe, the man Hiro knew as Kensei.

D.L. Hawkins

D.L. survived the end of the first season, but died before the second season started. In a flashback we learn what happened to D.L. and his family. D.L. became a fireman and, using his phasing powers, saved a little girl from a fire. He was awarded a medal for being a hero.
Unfortunately, Nikki had more than Jessica running around in her head. The appearance of a new personality is what ultimately killed D.L. Hawkins. D.L. went to a nightclub to retrieve his wife and her new persona, only to be shot. He was shot at point blank range, giving him no time to use his ability.

Alejandro Herrera

Alejandro Herrera was killed by Sylar. When Alejandro confronted Sylar and tried to make him leave his sister Maya alone, Sylar killed him. Sylar then told Maya that Alejandro had left, since she could now control her powers.
Maya later learned that her brother was dead when Molly tried to locate him. She couldn’t find him, which could only mean he was no longer alive.

Candice Wilmer

Pictures of Candice mean nothing, because she can look like anyone she wants to. She’s the company agent who held Micha hostage for Linderman. She also held Sylar at the beginning of season 2. Sylar killed Candice Wilmer.When season 2 started Sylar was held prisoner by the company. He killed her and tried to absorb her powers, only to find out that his powers were gone. He then escaped and eventually ran into Maya and Alejandro Herrera.

Niki Sanders

After D.L. died, Nikki left Micha with D.L.’s relatives in New Orleans. She then put herself in the care of the Company believing that they could cure her of her powers.
While she was there Matt’s father Maury came to kill Bob Bishop. Bob had been marked for death just like Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli. Matt stopped him using his growing mental powers, but not before Maury could get inside Nikki’s head. Nikki injected herself with the Shanti virus to stop herself from using her powers.
In the last episode Nikki saved Micha’s cousin from a burning building. Without her powers she couldn’t save herself before the building exploded.

Nathan Petrelli

Nathan Petrelli finally tracked down his brother Peter in the very last episode. After the most dangerous strain of the Shanti virus was destroyed by Peter’s nuclear powers Nathan decided to go public. He called a press conference and asked Matt to make people believe him. Before he could make his announcement he was shot twice in the chest.

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