Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 7:Watch Hell’s Kitchen 10 Chefs Compete Online S07E07

Hells Kitchen Season 7 Episode 7:Watch Hell’s Kitchen 10 Chefs Compete Online S07E07 – Hell’s Kitchen season 7 episode 7, “10 Chefs Compete” aired on Fox last night. Hell’s Kitchen has always provided entertainment within the food industry. When the food network cannot produce, you have Hell’s Kitchen. Well last night’s episode completely lived up to its title. We were able to see things on another spectrum as the red team was seriously affected when Benjamin took charge in the kitchen. The show began with Chef Gordon Ramsay announcing that the dinner was going to serve as a celebration for a 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years is a seriously long time and to most couples it’s a very important part of their life. If they can pull this off it would be an amazing accomplishment.

In A Golden Anniversary the teams were instructed to cook up three dishes that the anniversary couple had specifically ordered. These very three dishes were served during their wedding ceremony that took place 50 years ago. It was nice to see such a romantic touch on a rather hectic television show. The red team was able to come out successful. They won the reward of a 1950’s wardrobe and the luxury of riding in 1950’s convertibles and being served to their own 1950’s dinner. Siobhan was undoubtedly the best at the Hula Hoop contest. She won a giant trophy to take home for her efforts.

The blue team unfortunately had to stick around and change the entire dining room for the celebration. This also had some cooking touch to it as the blue team had to produce a three-tiered anniversary cake before the celebration began. Salvatore was struggling with the competition and kept making numerous mistakes. Shortly after the blue team realized his frustration and they began losing patience with him. In fact, the entire team practically resented him. However, the red team wasn’t doing so hot either because they had to eliminate a member. The blue team nominated Autumn and Ed and the red team nominated Siobhan and Fran. Ultimately, the chef sent Siobhan packing.

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