Hell’s Kitchen Season 7 Episode 10:Watch 7 Chefs Compete Online S07E10

Hell’s Kitchen Season 7: Episode 10 called “7 Chefs Compete” aired on Fox last night. Hell’s Kitchen was furious on last night’s episode. The teams were assigned to 10 pounds of lobster and sent off in their own directions. Each team was required to create their own dish with no direction or suggestion from the judges. Chef Ramsay decided to have some unexpected guests attend the event for the judging process. Michelin Star renowned winners Josiah Citrin, Michael Cimarusti and David Lofavor were all present with their taste buds glooming. Just as the teams are getting prepared to present their dish to the judges, Chef Ramsay delivers his bomb with unpleasant news to the teams. Ramsay informs the red team that they must sit one person out of the competition in order for things to remain fair.

Nilka comes to the occasion and decides to sit this one out, agreeing that her dish is lacking what the others seem to posses. Nilka was essentially removed from the challenge and will be missed.
It seems like with almost every Hell’s kitchen challenge, there is always a tie that accounts for an excitement tie breaker time extension. Either that or they leave you hanging for several moments while the show cuts off to commercials and then your left predicting the results. It’s rare that one team completely dominates the other in a challenge, which I find interesting. However, Chef Ramsay does claim that Holli on the red team had the best dish in the challenge by a long shot which gave red the advantage and they took home the win. Holli looks like a prime candidate for the win in the competition if she can stay steady with her pace and the plates she’s been delivering.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Hell’s Kitchen season 7 episode 10.

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