Hellcats Season 1 Episode 3 – Beale St. After Dark Preview

Hellcats Season 1 Episode 3 – Watch Beale St. After Dark Preview – ‘Hellcats’ Season 1 episode 3 called “Beale St. After Dark” which was directed by Bethany Rooney and written by Kevin Murphy & Peter Calloway is set to air on The CW on September 22, 2010 and here what will occur in the upcoming installment:

In “Hellcats,” Ashley Tisdale’s character, Savannah, is nervous about her first date with Dan, so she decides that she is going to bring a number of friends along with her on the date that eventually ends in disaster. Because she is so nervous about the date, she embarrasses herself by getting drunk and causing a bit of trouble for her date.
Meanwhile, Marti can be seen trying to impress her professor Julian in hopes that he will invite her to join his legal team. Unfortunately for her, Julian isn’t sure that he can count on her and has doubts about her balancing work, school and cheerleading.

It will make for an interesting episode that will really show the audience how much Tisdale has progressed as an actress in recent years. Will she be able to recover from her mistake in front of Dan, or will he kick her to the curb after she embarrasses him in public?
If you can expect anything from Tisdale’s new show; expect to be surprised. They have Tisdale acting in a lot of situations that she previously would have avoided, and she is really testing her range with each new scene.

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