Hellcats Episode 4: Watch Nobody Loves Me But My Mother Online S01E04

Hellcats Episode 4: Watch Nobody Loves Me But My Mother Online S01E04 – Hellcats episode 4 called “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother” which was directed by David Paymer and written by Anne Kenney aired last night on The CW.

In the fourth episode of “Hellcats,” a love triangle for Lewis became the main storyline. Alice tells Lewis that she will stop taking drugs if he helps her to get back into shape and become a flier once again. Of course, after a hot and sweaty work out the two of them end up having sex, further complicating the situation.
While that is going on, Savannah takes Dan to her parent’s residence for dinner. A fight involving her mother erupts, and her mother insists that she stops seeing Dan. Wanda tells her to give Dan another chance, and suggests that perhaps she is not giving him a fair shake based on some of her daughter’s previous relationships. She reluctantly agrees and says that she will try.

The show, which seems to focus on relationships, sex, and cheer leading, has been accused of being a knock off of the movie “Bring it On.” Of course, there are some similarities overall but it seems as if the writers have worked hard at moving away from those types of comparisons.

Alyson Michalka revealed that she will get to display her singing talents during an upcoming episode, so that should make for some interesting television at the very least. She reportedly has a great voice. Hopefully the scene makes sense and they do not throw her singing in there just to say that they did it.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Hellcats episode 4.

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