Helen Mirren Kisses Leno

Helen Mirren recently made an appearance on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” and gave him a little something that he wasn’t expecting. Mirren talked about her good and bad sides, and decided to give in to her naughty self as she planted a kiss full on Jay Leno’s lips.

Mirren appeared on the show to talk about her latest role in the movie “Red”, an action movie about many different secret agents who have found themselves too old to go out on regular missions any longer, so they decide to go out with one last hurrah.

The film featured Mirren using plenty of ammunition, and she said that she had a hard time knowing how she felt about that. “My ‘good angel’ was saying, this is not very nice, Helen…”

However, right after she talked about the influence of her “good” and “bad” sides, she decided to give in to her evil side and gave Jay Leno some full-on liplock time. Not only that, but it seemed that the talk show host was only too happy to oblige the 65-year old actress.

Mirren is an esteemed British actress, and has even been given an official title by the Queen of England.

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