Hayden Panettiere Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial Actress Wants Knox Family To See Movie

Actress and former star of the television show “Heroes”, Hayden Panettiere, is hoping that the family of convicted murderer Amanda Knox will watch the film that she recently finished about their daughter’s life before making judgments about it.

The film is already stirring up quite a bit of controversy, and Knox’s family were not pleased with the way in which their daughter was portrayed in the trailer that was released for the film, called, “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial”.

The preview for the film casts Knox in an interesting light, with the Italian police insinuating that Knox acted knowledgeably in the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kurcher, when she was found dead in her apartment in 2007.

The American lawyers for Knox are attempting to take action against Lifetime, the television network responsible for the film, as they believe that it could have potential implications for the upcoming appeal that Knox is facing.

However, Panettiere believes that the film is well done, and that Knox’s family would agree if they saw it. “It is very fact driven…I don’t think there is anything in there that would sway an opinion or have any impact negatively or positively on her appeal,” Panettiere said.

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