Haven Syfy:Haven TV Show New

Haven Syfy:Haven TV Show New – SyFy fans will be pleased to know that the new show “Haven” made its debut on the network. The Sci-fi drama follows the adventures of FBI agent Audrey Parker throughout the mysterious town of Haven. The show has been highly anticipated by many after previews for the series started to air several months ago.
Audrey Parker is sent to the town to investigate the murder of an ex-convict that had not managed to make many friends in the town. It appears to be a normal case at first, until she discovers that a number of residents in the town appear to have supernatural powers.

As the show progresses, we find out that Parker actually plays a role in the history of the town, and may have something to do with the powers themselves. She partners herself with a local cop, Nathan Wuornos, and continues to investigate the residents in the town.
Emily Rose, the actress who plays Audrey, recently said that she was happy that she did not have to play the typical female cop in the series. She said that her character is both tough, and independent, yet mysterious. It will be fun to watch her character become more intertwined with the town as she investigates the supernatural activity. The show received mostly positive reviews from critics, and many fans were pleased with the show. It will be interesting to see where the show leads throughout the rest of the season.

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