Haven Season 1 Finale 2010: Watch Episode 13 Spiral Online S01E13

Haven Season 1 Finale 2010: Watch Episode 13 Spiral Online S01E13 – Haven season 1 finale/Haven season 1 Episode 13 called “Spiral” which was directed by Fred Gerber and written by Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn aired last night on SyFy.

“Haven” aired the finale of their first season on Friday. Fortunately for both the cast and the fans, the show which is based on the novel “The Colorado Kid” form the author Stephen King was recently picked up for a second season.We follow the former FBI agent Audrey Parker as she ventures into the city of Haven, Maine.
While in the city, she learns that she might be able to solve the mystery of who her biological mother is.

Meanwhile, she discovers that many people on in the town have strange supernatural abilities, and that they have all traveled to this location to meet with their own kind.
Even her partner in the police department, Nathan Wuornos, has his own supernatural ability. He is able to feel the pain and heat of an individual through touch, everyone except for Audrey, that is.

The finale of the first season, titled “Spiral” had a fair amount of drama in the final moments and a boat load of revelations. Luckily, fans will be able to watch the story continue next season after Syfy announced they were picking “Haven” up for a second season.

Here are few things we have learned:
Nathan finds out that Max is his biological father.
The chief gets blown into pieces.
We are not sure but it looks like LucyAudrey has some kind of memory implanted where she appears in Haven when the chief needs her.

We know that you have more questions than answers but how did you like the finale?
What are your theories on the last night’s events?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Haven season finale 2010.

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