Haven Episode 12: Watch Resurfacing Online S01E12

Haven Episode 12: Watch Resurfacing Online S01E12 – In the 12th episode of “Haven,” which is titled “Resurfacing,” that was directed by Mike Rohl and written by Charles Ardaiwe we discover that James is being persecuted for boat had been missing for a year. Audrey and Nathan investigate are called the home, and are shocked by what they find.

They learned that James suffered his seizures back in 1983 and Lucy was the one holding him together until they died.

But it got really freaky as we watched a piece of glass cut the sole of Lucy’s foot and shockingly enough at the end of the episode, Audrey is sitting on a rock near the sea and she removes her socks to expose aq giant scar under her feet.

Does that mean that Audrey is really Lucy?

“Haven” is a SyFy show that has garnered a following and is based on a novel by Stephen King. It follows FBI agent Audrey Parker. She comes to the small town of Haven, Maine to solve the murder of a local ex-convict who was living in the area. After a short time in the town, her curiosity lands her in the middle of a city that has been a home for people who have a range of supernatural powers. It is clear that she has gotten in a bit over her head, but she continues to investigate the many crimes of the town.

It is an interesting series that has been compared to “Heroes” since it first debuted. It definitely feels like a Stephen King story, and although the TV show is very different from the books there are a number of similarities between them. The intensity has continued to build throughout the first season, and things seem to be coming to a head as the show gears up for their final episode.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Haven season 1 episode 12.

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