Hard Knocks Jets Episode 2

Hard Knocks Jets Episode 2

Hard Knocks Jets Episode 2 – The second episode of “Hard Knocks,” a show that follows coaches and teams in training camp will be much more subdued than the first episode. The first episode chronicled a training camp with Coach Rex Ryan, who came under fire after he was heard swearing constantly throughout the DVD. He did issue a statement, apologizing only to his mother and for the fact that he offended “more people than he usually does.” Coach Tony Dungy also attacked him, saying that his language had no place in the NFL.

In the second episode, Quarterback Mark Sanchez received almost all of the attention. Not all of the focus on Sanchez was good, but he did receive a boost from Mark Brunell, the backup quarterback, who reminded him not to take his opening interception too hard.

The episode did not include any of the contract talk regarding Darelle Revis. He has been in negotiations with the team, who has avoided paying him too much, barring a lock out next year. It almost seems as if the producers have purposely avoided covering the situation on the television show. The team turned down their request to sit in on the contract negotiations, and since that time there has been no talk of Revis on the show.
Both sides agreed to stop airing out their issues publicly, and have been quiet since that time. The Jets hope that the miniseries will serve its original purpose, which is to cover a team that is getting ready for a highly anticipated season. Some analysts have picked the Jets to win the Super Bowl.

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