Happy Town TV Show ABC:Haplin Minnesota TV Series

Happy Town TV Show ABC:Haplin Minnesota TV Series – Everyone is rather excited to know about the new show which is being called “Happy Town.” There hasn’t been a whole lot of information revealed about the show yet but from what we can tell it looks like a very promising new series. It is an American drama televisions series that premiere last night on ABC and will air every Wednesday night during its seasons.

The show was created by none other than Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberge. The plot of the show is that it takes place in a period where there is peace in Haplin, Minnesota but it’s only to be followed after a huge series of unsolved kidnappings that swept the State. However, the investigations are stopped because of a new crime which has taken place and has everyone scared in the small Minnesota town .

Even though the series is in Minnesota, a lot of the scenes were filmed elsewhere. Places like in the Canadian communities known as Port Hope in Ontario as well as St. Catharines, Ontario. These scenes were filmed after the pilot episode. Ben Scnetzer took over John Patrick Amedori’s part which was the role of Andrew Haplin. Steven Weber also replaced Dean Winters for John Haplins role.

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