Happy Town Season 1 Episode 2 Watch I Came To Haplin For The Waters Online S01E02

Happy Town

Happy Town

Happy Town Season 1 Episode 2 Watch I Came To Haplin For The Waters Online S01E02 – Being completely honest, ‘Happy Town’ seems to have lost some of its spark in recent episodes. Whilst it is a murder mystery, it seems that sometimes the plot lines are so lame that it is just predictable and they seem to have over cooked it.

We all know that nobody in Haplin should be trusted, and that even includes the sheriff, not to mention his wife.They all seem deadly mysterious characters and there is something developing there. Even Abraham Benrubi’s character, the owner of the restaurant is not to be trusted.

Of course, this week all was revealed and our suspicions of all the characters in this area were right. So it turns out that Benrubi was the killer, although it seems it has been solved, there is a lot more detail that needs to be uncovered. Jerry Friddle was the victim, as he was mistaken for the Magic man; someone who kidnapped lots of people many years ago.

All that seems to happen in ‘Happy Town’ these days are new arrivals. This week was no different, with another stranger arriving in the first part of the episode. The girl talks to an injured sheriff. The weird thing is, she hears the unconscious sheriff start to talk back to her, which gives her a bit of a fright, and she proceeds to run through the hospital quite shaken up.

Although a lot of the episode could be considered as boring, the ‘You’re So Vain’ scene where the new girl wakes up in a house full of men drinking is a good one. They are arguing over the lyrics and it was actually quite comical.

That being said, overall this was an extremely weak episode. The plot lines seem fairly poor and there did not seem to be a focus or a message within the scenes, which made for a complicated viewing.

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