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Hannah Montana season 3 finale /hannah montana season 4

Hannah Montana Season 3 Finale:Hannah Montana Season 4 – For the Hannah Montana fans out there,here is a preview for the upcoming ‘Hannah Montana’ season 3 finale, called “Miley Says Goodbye?”. The finale will be split in two with part 1 airing on March 7th, and part 2 will be broadcast on March 14th.But if you’re impatient and can’t wait for Part 2, both parts will be released on DVD March 9, 2010.
Hannah Montana:”Miley Says Goodbye? Part 1″

The episode begins with Miley having a dream where she is back in Tennessee with Uncle Earl and her horse, Blue Jeans. Miley wants Blue Jeans back in Malibu after her dream of Blue Jeans talking to her. But soon after Blue Jeans comes, he runs away but comes back later. From her feelings of her old horse, Miley decides whether to stay living in Malibu or go back to Tennessee. Also, Jackson gets a nice apartment not knowing that no one has ever rented that apartment so all the apartment starts to fall apart.

Hannah Montana”Miley Says Goodbye? Part 2″:

Miley wants to go back to Tennesee and Oliver wants to continue his singing career. Lilly has to decide to stay in Malibu, Atlanta, or with her dad who lives an hour away from Malibu.

Great news,Disney Channel’s president Gary Marsh issued the following statement to confirm that there will be a Hannah Montana season 4:

“Hannah Montana has become one of the most iconic series in television history. Miley and the producers have proposed a change of setting for Season 4 that will provide the catalyst for wonderful new characters and … storytelling opportunities.”

You can watch the preview after the jump.

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