Gwyneth Paltrow/Cee Lo Green On SNL Season 36 Episode 12 (s36e12)

Saturday Night Live Season 36, Episode 12 with Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Green aired last night.

This week’s SNL which was hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and featured musical guest Cee Lo Green had a lot of talk about country music,the return of Governor Paterson, an appearance by Anderson Cooper ,Pee-Wee Herman and countless use of the verb to forget.
Here is a recap of the episode:

Fox News Cold Open: We had another political opener again where FOX’s biggest and brightest Greta Van Susteren hosted a roundtable that included Glenn Beck and others talking about the heated rhetoric that is used in political debates in America since Obama was elected and the Tea Party was created.
It was not a brilliant skit but having Rachel Maddow take over Beck’s chalkboard and James Carville’s wild liberal commentaries made it worthwhile.

Monologue: Gwyneth Paltrow who was seriously promoting her new film Country Strong wanted to prove to the world that she was now an expert on the genre was joined by Jason Sudeikis playing Kenny Rogers for a duet.
As it turned out Paltrow could not make the difference between trance and country even if you paid her.

The Cape Promo:
This was the first real bad skit of the night where the writers decided to spoof the new NBC’s show “The Cape”.

Secret Word:
We always thought that there was no one crazier that Kristen Wiig’s Broadway actress – until we were introduced to Gwyneth Paltrow’s insane and racist British bourgeois who just could not keep the secret word a secret!

Digital Short :Andy and Pee-Wee

This was an interesting piece where Andy tried to make us laugh while Paul Reubens promoted his Broadway show called “The Pee-Wee Herman Show”.
This skit was very forgetful.

Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah:
It was a pretty funny skit with Paltrow playing Taylor Swift, Vanessa Bayer taking on the shy teen Jacob, while Jay Pharoah’ Jay-Z delivered a solid Jewish-rap performance.
However, we are starting to wonder why do they give every non Caucasian role to Nasim Pedrad.

Record Meeting:
Having an entire skit on record execs wanting to clear Cee Lo Green’s controversial F U lyrics for television was not extraordinary – but having him sing right after was genius.

“Weekend Update”:
The Update was a bit longer than usual and featured a long list of characters – with one being weirder than other.
First we met Vanessa at the Golden Globes who tried to interview ‘Burlesque’ stars Christina Aguilera and Cher played by Bill Hader ?!

Later on Jimmy McMillan who is the crazy former New York gubernatorial candidate with the motto “the rent is too damn high” came to talk about his run for president.
He was very funny last year but appeared bizarre and flat this week.

Seth Meyers eventually took on the trending topics of the week.
But was bot able to make us laugh.

Our favorite non singers Garth and Kat came back to make up more songs as they went along.
They even invited a pal played by Paltrow to help them make fools of themselves.

Musical Guest: Cee Lo Green :
He did a great job singing his mega hit “Fuck You,” and “Bright Lights Bigger City” which are two tracks taken off his latest album The Lady Killer with the help of an impressive all-female band.

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Fresh Prince Lost Episodes:

This sketch focused on Jay Pharoah’s Will Smith and Kenan Thompson’s Alfonso Ribeiro promoting the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s 20th Anniversary” box set that had some great clips and commentary inside.
The skit was terrible due to the fact that Pharoah’s impression of Smith was overdone and therefore unfunny.

ESPN Deportes:
The five minute skit focused on Spanish announcers dropping their accent to pronounce classic SportsCenter catch phrases!
It was a complete waste of time.

CNN Spitzer Auditions:
A pretty funny piece about CNN that was searching for an anchor to sit with Eliot Spizer and they came with the idea of having Governor Paterson.
Hope executives were watching and run with the idea.

Overall it was a pretty decent episode with few errors like “The Cape” and Seth Meyers’ portion of the show.
Paltrow could have been used a bit more wisely – but we are okay with what we got.
What are your thoughts on this episode?

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