Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers:Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale 2010

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers:Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale 2010 – Grey’s Anatomy spoilers can be found here. “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 6 finale called “Sanctuary” and “Death and All His Friends” will air on ABC next week and some eager fans are searching for juicy spoilers about the upcoming episode.
Last night’s installment was very intriguing thanks to Demi Lovato’s character Hayley, who gave people especially Alex an opportunity to reflect on their next moves.

And there will be some big moves made next week. ABC has been keeping the storyline under-wrap, but here is what we know that will take place in the
long-awaited 2 hour season finale;

-Someone will die -a shooter will attack Seattle Grace Hospital and a bullet will be fired, it goes right through a white jacket and wounds a major character.
We have also learned that both the shooter and his victim will all be familiar faces to fans of the hit drama.

According to ABC in “Sanctuary” there will be a crisis in the hospital like no other in its history while “Death and All His Friends”, Cristina and Meredith’s surgical skills will be put to the ultimate test. Creator Shonda Rhimes had this to say about “Sanctuary” :

“The theme of the first hour is sanctuary, which sort of uses the idea that the hospital is our characters’ safest place and our safest place as viewers. [Then we use] the hour to slowly turn that on its head [so] that by the end, the hospital is definitely kind of the least safe place in the world.”

Creator Shonda Rhimes on “Death and All His Friends”:

“The second hour,is about choices, and we get to watch our characters make big ones. Lexie chooses between Mark and Alex. Owen chooses between Teddy and Cristina. Bailey faces the hardest medical choice that a doctor has to make. And the other choice thats being made is Callie and Arizona, and whether or not they’re going to be together or not. It IS going to come down to the baby thing.”

Who do you think will die? Which couples will split for good? How did you like this season?

That’s all we have for now on Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers:Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale 2010

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