Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 21:Watch How Insensitive Online S06E21

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 21:Watch How Insensitive Online S06E21 – Grey’s Anatomy season 6 episode 21 called “How Insensitive” which was directed by Tom Verica and written by William Harper aired last night on ABC.
While every character has their own personality, interesting behaviors and exciting lives on Grey’s Anatomy, this week that were forced to keep those traits tucked away and hidden. If you saw the previews for the show then you definitely knew what was in store for the emergency room. Everyone was talking about the obese man that had to be taken to the hospital for the doctors to do a complete check up. However, you quickly discover that there is something seriously wrong with him and there is more for the surgeons then what they were prepared for. In fact, Yang has to be removed from the case almost right away. At the end of the episode you can see that it was very compelling and pleasing to find that we see a different side of the characters. We find a more soft, gentle aspect about everything. Everyone seems to be entirely more caring and comforting.

As far as the drama goes, well Meredith is clearly upset that Owen has feelings for Teddy. This is just the start of a lot of trouble and it begins to initiate talk amongst the doctors, nurses and everyone in the hospital. Everyone in the hospital is all about joking and laughing about the 700 pound guy that just got brought in. This is in the beginning at least but that same 700 pound guy has got a babe on his side that’s cute and very thin. Karev has a tough time with him and Izzie’s divorce is going public at the same time and they start analyzing whether this guy is really worth it. However, he begins to settle in and show some care for this guy as the show progresses. Everyone does in fact, they all seem to start getting emotional and really taking a good look at their lives, what they have and the value of it.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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