Grey’s Anatomy Finale:2009 Season Finale Spoilers

Grey's Anatomy Finale

Grey’s Anatomy Finale – Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale will air in two parts this evening.The big question is will Izzie die or not? While we wait to discover the truth,here is a preview of the two hour episode:
“Here’s to the Future”

Part one of a two-hour season finale. Izzie spends time with a fellow cancer patient and contemplates whether or not to undergo a risky surgery, as Mark is ready to take his relationship with Lexie to the next level. A patient makes Owen reassess his place at Seattle Grace [1] and Izzie’s surgery to remove the brain tumor has dire consequences.

“Now or Never”

Part two of a two-hour season finale. George delivers stunning news to Bailey, sending shockwaves throughout the hospital, and Izzie’s friends anxiously await her recovery from surgery. Meanwhile Bailey is surprisingly displeased after being accepted into the pediatric fellowship program, and the victim of a near-fatal traffic accident brings the talents of Seattle Grace’s doctors together.

That’s all we have for now on Grey’s Anatomy Finale.

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