Grey’s Anatomy Finale 2010:Who Dies On Season 6 Episode 23? Watch Online S06E23

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Grey’s Anatomy Finale 2010:Who Dies On Season 6 Episode 23? Watch Online S06E23 – Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale/Who dies on Grey’s Anatomy 2010?Is Patrick Dempsey leaving “Grey’s Anatomy”? answers can be found here.
Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale/Grey’s Anatomy season 6 Episode 23 called “Here’s to Future Days” and Grey’s Anatomy season 6 Episode 24 entitled “Now or Never” aired last night on ABC.

It was a very explosive episode that was packed with twists and turns.
In the episode we watched a wild and grief-deranged widower, Mr. Clark, who has been accusing Derek of killing his wife,walking in the hospital ,shooting Owen, Alex, sparing Bailey and apparently killing Derek with a bullet to the head. As if that was not bad enough in the mini movie we learned that Meredith discovered she was pregnant and just a little moment later she shockingly suffered a miscarriage.
Here is the recap of “Sanctuary”which was directed by Stephen Cragg and written by Shonda Rhimes:

In part one of the two-hour season finale, Seattle Grace Hospital is hit with a crisis like no other in its history – a shooter is in the hospital. Dr. Reed Adamson is murdered by the shooter. Alex gets shot and Merideth discoveres that she is pregnant. Cristina breaks up with Owen as he still hasn’t decided between her or Teddy.

Here is a brief summary of “Death and All His Friends” which was directed by Rob Corn and written by Shonda Rhimes:

In part two of the two-hour season finale, Cristina and Meredith’s surgical skills are put to the ultimate test as Derek gets shot and so does Owen. Cristina operates on Derek, saving his life while Merideth helps Owen. Owen finally chose Cristina over Teddy in this episode and Alex survives.

Overall it was a very good episode that will have fans of the sow talking all summer long.
Chandra Wilson, Ellen Pompeo were great but Sandra Oh deserves an Emmy for her acting. The well written and directed finale was definitely the perfect way to end a very good season.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on .
However Charles’s death was really shocking.

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