Greg Giraldo Doing Better After Drug Overdose

Greg Giraldo Doing Better After Drug Overdose – Popular comedian Greg Giraldo, who is most known for appearing on the comedy central roasts and as a judge on “Last comic Standing,” was placed in critical condition after he overdosed on prescription pills on Saturday night at a hotel in New Jersey. He was listed in serious condition at the time. At first, reports had stated that he had tried to commit suicide. During roasts, other comedians always make light of the depression that Giraldo has suffered from throughout his life. Immediately after these reports went public, a spokesperson for Giraldo said that he was not trying to commit suicide, and the incident was simply an overdose of prescription medication.

Earlier in the day he was supposed to perform at an event for Drug Addiction Recovery Month. His most recent appearance came on the Roast of David Hasselhoff, one of the most watched roasts in the history of Comedy Central.
The overdose was accidental, and he was placed into critical condition. Since that time, he has been moved to stable condition. He had been staying at a hotel while performing a four night stand at the Stress Factory Comedy club, which is located in New Brunswick. Club goers were told on Saturday that the show had been cancelled after Giraldo was taken to the hospital for undisclosed reasons.

Fans immediately took to his social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter to ask what was wrong with the comedian. A lot of misinformation regarding the incident has been spread since it took place, and Giraldo will likely address these reports when he is fully recovered.


Comedian Greg Giraldo is breathing on his own after the drug overdose.

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