Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 11 : The Townie S04E11

Gossip Girl season 4 episode 11 called “The Townie” which was directed by Joe Lazarov and written by Amanda Lasher & Stephanie Savage aired last night on The CW.

We had a very interesting episode of Gossip Girl this week that finally provided us with some answers about the whole Serena /Ben teenage love affair.

The truth was pretty shocking – as it turned out S did have a crush on B but they never actually had sex because the teacher actually knew where to draw the lines with his the teenage student.

The real story happened like this – after Serena and Ben spent a night together, Lilly thought her daughter was raped so she forged S’ name on a affidavit and send the poor man to prison for five years.

Here is a recap of the episode:

Blair and Dan team up to find Juliet for causing Serena’s downfall. Meanwhile, Chuck begins to think Lily is lying to him about The Empire’s financial security. Juliet confronts Serena about her past with her brother, Ben, at boarding school.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode that have us longing for answers to the following questions.
Will Serena be able to get Ben out from Rikers?
Did you know Lilly was so evil?
Will Chuck get back Bass Industries?

The series will be taking a short winter break and will be back with a new episode called “The Kids Are Not Alright” that will air on January 24, 2011.

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