Gordon Ramsay Hit By Credit Crunch

Gordon Ramsay Hit By Credit Crunch

Gordon Ramsay Hit By Credit Crunch – Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay apparently can no longer take the heat in his own kitchens.Gordon who stars on “Kitchen Nightmares,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The F Word” is being hit by the credit crunch and his global empire is falling fast. Ramsay’s former manager David Ratcliffe said:

“Gordon wants to take over the world with his restaurants and it has become an obsession to open more and more. The brand has become devalued because he has expanded too fast.””There are only so many Gordon Ramsay restaurants you can open before it becomes boring for customers, rather than special. The warning signs were there last year that the economy was heading for problems and that people would have less cash to spend in top restaurants.
“But Gordon was determined to plough on with his expansion and maybe now he is feeling the effects of that.”: “With more and more restaurants, the only time we were guaranteed to see him was the Christmas party.”
“There was a sense of a loss of control. We had to put a padlock on the cellar because thousands of pounds’ worth of wine was going missing. And we had to call in the police because food and kitchen equipment had been nicked.”

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