Glenn Beck Might Start Own Channel

It might be bye-bye to talk show host Glenn Beck as it’s rumored he may be exiting the Fox News Channel at the end of 2011 to start his own television network and that has speculators wondering who will replace the often controversial figure.

Beck is reportedly contemplating the takeover or partial takeover of a cable network or perhaps an expansion of his subscription video service that is on the web.

It’s also rumored that Beck might have Joel Cheatwood who is a senior Fox News exec on board with him to join his expanding media company which is called Mercury Radio Arts. Should Beck exit and become successful it would validate the power shift from networks to celebrities and people who’ve grown into brand names.

The only statement from Beck regarding the issue says, “Roger Ailes has built the most important voice in America today, Fox News, and it is an honor to do my show there every night,” and added, “I have no intention whatsoever of doing the show I am doing now on Fox anywhere else.”

With Beck’s contract up for renewal by the end of 2011 it will be a tense moment for fans and industry pundits alike to see if he’ll jump ship and take a good number of Fox execs with him and perhaps change the industry itself.

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