Ghost Whisperer,Cold Case,Numbers,Christine Cancelled

Ghost Whisperer,Cold Case,Numbers,Christine Cancelled – CBS cancelled a number of shows at the end of this television season. They are going to be having a large number of open slots in their lineup next season, leaving some to wonder if they will be in a rush to produce shows to fill the void. Some of the more prominent shows that were cancelled included “Cold Case,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Numbers.” The shows had been quite popular in previous seasons but as of late had been unable to maintain the interest of the viewers. “Miami Medical,” a Jerry Bruckheimer drama was also cancelled. Comedies “Accidentally on Purpose,” “New Adventures of old Christine,” and “Gary Unmarried,” also found themselves on the chopping block.

Both “Medium,” and “Rules of Engagement” were picked up for next season. The number of cancelled shows is surprising to experts, who had thought that the network would like to keep one or two of their veteran shows to ensure a little stability in their programming. Other networks have suffered greatly from hasty cancellations, while others have prospered through the developing of a viewership through long term promotion techniques.

The most surprising cancellation is that of “Ghost Whisperer,” which was a long running drama that had been expected to return next season. “Numbers” was expected to be cancelled after the number of episodes was reduced by the network. “Accidentally” may actually wind up with the highest average rating among all the cancelled shows, believe it or not. It was part of the CBS comedy block that receives a large viewership each week.

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