Ghost Hunters International Season 3 Episode 1: Hamlet’s Castle S03E01

Ghost Hunters International Season Three Episode one called Hamlet’s Castle which was filmed in Helsingør, Denmark – Kronborg Castle aired last night on Syfy.

After a very long break our favorite Paranormal Reality Documentary returned with some old faces that included Kris Williams, Susan Slaughter, Paul Bradford and, new team leader, Barry Fitzgerald were called to investigate a rather unique castle.

The Ghost Hunters International team took on the Kronborg Castle which was built in the 1420s by Danish king, Eric of Pomerania who used to fortress to make a fortune by having all ships that sailed near the country’s waters make payments in order to enter or leave the Baltic Sea or face harsh consequences.

However the Kronborg Castle is famous for something else – it is believed to be the castle that inspired William Shakespeare classic play “Hamlet”.

As usual the team discovered some paranormal activities that were taking place in the castle.

Upon entering a huge ball room Kris Williams and Barry Fitzgerald heard strange noises and spotted a weird shadowy figure.
The same thing occurred when they stepped into the Queen’s bedroom – a mysterious shadow appeared and unusual sounds could be heard.

Meanwhile Susan Slaughter who got lucky at short straws got Paul Bradford to investigate the scary dungeon where bizarre voices could be heard.
Susan eventually arrived at the scene where she caught a “grey mass” down one of the corridors.

Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

The GHI team, now led by Barry Fitzgerald and including former Ghost Hunters alumni Kris Williams and Britt Griffith, travel to Denmark to investigate Kronborg castle. In its time, it has been a military stronghold to control the Baltic Sea, the conquered prize of the Swedes, and a prison.

Overall it was a pretty interesting episode of Ghost Hunters International where the “Singapore Theory”, audio and video recordings proved that William Shakespeare was right and that there is “Something is rotten/fishy in the state of Denmark”.

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