Ghost Adventures Crew On American Idol Mansion Being Haunted

The story of the haunted Beverly Hills mansion where contestants of “American Idol” were staying at and fled in terror just won’t go away.

Now the crew from “Ghost Adventures” is moving in on the case like the gang from the old “Scooby Doo” cartoon show. They believe demonic activity is going on inside the mansion and they want to do their investigation now.

The lead investigator of the “Ghost Adventures Crew”,

Zak Bagans says the reported paranormal activity that was happening at the mansion where the finalists were staying sounds legitimate and, “possibly demonic.”

TMZ has been covering this story that is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the industry.

Bagans says,

“If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of them…hence all the activity.”

Fans will have to stay tuned for the next episode of this eerie twist and watch to see if the ghosts follow the contestants to the stage. It would be funny to see a ghost fly past the American Idol judges during the middle of a show.

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