Fringe Season 3 Episode 1: Watch Olivia Online Season Premiere 2010

Fringe Season 3 Episode 1: Watch Olivia Online Season Premiere 2010 – Fringe season 3 episode 1 called “Olivia” which was directed by Joe Chappelle and written by J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner aired last night on Fox.
With the producers already having confirmed that each new episode will rotate universes, fans can expect each week to hold a host of new surprises. Each week will have separate credit sequences, one will be a red background and one will be blue, depending on which universe we are in.

Last season focused mostly on the secrets of “Fringe.” This season is focused more on the concepts of duality, choice, and how people act as a whole. What happens when you make a different choice? Do you affect other people in your world through your actions? How about people in another world?

We can look forward to seeing a lot of Bolivia this season. She will be present in most of the episodes regardless of what universe if the focus, and the powers that be will be trying to convince her Over There self that she is her on doppelganger.
Walter and Peter will continue to grow apart, as was hinted at last season. This will be a direct result of the discovery of the Doomsday machine.
Last night’s installment of sci-fi series was very eager nonetheless we are eager to see Walter, Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Bolivia returning to our home turf next week.
The show has certainly taken an interesting twist that many did not see coming in the earlier seasons of the show. Most thought that the show would be a replacement for “Lost” when it went off the air, but it is clear that “Fringe” is its own creation, far removed from any show that inspired it.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Fringe season premiere 2010.

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