Fringe Season 1 Episode 14:Ability

Fringe Season 1 Episode 14:Ability

Fringe Season 1 Episode 14:Ability – Fringe season 1 episode 14 entitled “Ability” aired on FOX last night.Here is the summary of the episode:

German agents investigate David Robert Jones’ escape and question Olivia. The team investigates deaths where the victims die faceless when all of their orifices are sealed. The team discovers a manuscript, which explains the letters ZFT, and is also connected to Walter’s past. The manuscript is essentially a Bible to Jones and his followers, and according to it there is a conflict going on between our world and a parallel universe. Jones wants Olivia as a “recruit” but she must pass 10 tests, the first of which is a challenge to turn off a set of lights using only her mind. Jones says this is possible due a chemical present in Olivia, one designed by William Bell, and patented by Massive Dynamic. Initially Olivia believes Jones is playing mind games with her and refuses to cooperate, but eventually she is forced to disarm a bomb in the same manner and to her own disbelief, succeeds. However, Jones manages to escape once again by teleportation. Afterward, Olivia gets confirmation from Nina Sharp that the chemical was indeed tested at an army base her father was stationed at in her hometown.

That’s all we have for now on Fringe Season 1 Episode 14:Ability.

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