Friday Night Lights Season 4 Premiere With Minka Kelly

Friday Night Lights Season 4 Premiere With Minka Kelly – The last time we saw Friday Night Lights was couple of months ago and it was shown on DirecTV .
This evening the series returns but this time you can catch one of the greatest shows on NBC. Most fans have been watching from the beginning but there is no better time to get in on the action and follow the series. There truly is excitement packed into every episode and it’s not something to miss. If you’re going to be joining in then you might want to catch up on the story line a bit. During the four years that the show has played there has been a lot of change going about. The show takes places in Dillon, Texas with Coach Eric Taylor coaching the Dillon Panthers. It’s quite the job so it’s no easy accomplishment. His wife is Tami and she is the principal at Dillon so she doesn’t have things easy for her either and things are starting to really rattle the cages.

The show normally features football games and rough and tough matches but primarily it concentrates on the events that occur at the high school. The high school has always been the main highlight of the show.Season four left a lot of the cast who started the show out of high school and off on their own so a lot of them are out of the picture. Now it has Luke, Vince and several others filling their shoes. With now casts means fresh new content and plenty of changing events to keep you entertained.This is the last season of Friday Night Lights so you shouldn’t miss out on this great show.

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